Christmas Party Information and Addison learned…

I   learned  Author’s Purpose. There  is purpose when you write. You should  Inform, persuade  or  entertain.
~Addison M.~

Don’ forget about “Bucks for Brinnlee”
Tomorrow where a Christmas shirt, pin, headband, etc. to “Send Christmas Cheer to Brinlee!”

We will be celebrating the spirit of giving with a “Penny Christmas”!  The note was sent home last week.  I will send a reminder notice on Friday.  The “Penny Christmas” items will be due on December 15th.
I have sent the “Room Mother” sheets to Mrs. Greenwood.  She will be contacting any parent that signed up to help.  We would love to have any and all of you join us to set up and help at the Christmas party.  Thank you in advance for helping with the party and sending items.  The children and I appreciate all of you!

Maddox learned…

I learned about recycling and saw our class leprechaun traps.


If you haven’t signed the permission slip for Wednesday please sign it and send it tomorrow!  We will be going on Wednesday.  Thanks!

We started a Reading Contest today.  Please sign their log for a chance to win a bike in May!  They will get a ticket for each night they read and it will go in a big box!  The more tickets with your name on it will help you have a better chance to win!

If they bring home a passage to read tonight and complete their comprehension questions they can sign that as their reading for the night!

Braelyn learned…

I learned to regroup. and to graph with  drinks  and  fruit.  We read and learned information about why graphs are important.

The students are beginning to learn about regrouping with subtraction.  We used cubes and place value charts to help understand the concept.

We are still reading fairy tales and discussing author’s purpose of various books.  We are also writing our own fairy tales.

During the month of February we are discussing healthy teeth habits.