Class Schedule

lady blade

flower7:45 – 8:00  Unpack/Bathroom Breaks/Read to a friend.

flower8:00  Brain Gym, Announcements, Pledges, and Moment of Silence.

  flower 8:15  Reading Lesson Introduction/Read Aloud/Spelling/Phonics

flower9:00 Writer’s Workshop

flower10:00 Guided Reading

flower 11:05 Lunch

flower11:35  Recess

Note on early release days we will move our lunch time to earlier in the day.

flower11:55 Restroom Breaks/Brain Breaks

flower12:05  Math Number Talks/Problem Solving

flower12:15  Math Block

flower1:40  Pack up/Blog/Science/Social Studies

flower2:00  Peripherals

Monday – P.E.

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Ready Bodies

Thursday – Technology

Friday – P.E.

flower2:45  What Stuck with you Today?

                    End of Day Reminders
Listen to a chapter book.

flower2:55  Send Cars/Take Buses

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