Writing Goals


The students are learning to write through the process.  They will plan, write, revise, edit, and publish their writing pieces.

We will begin looking for stories with a beginning, middle, and end.  The students have the most success writing about things they know about.  Encourage discussions at home about what activities they do.  Discuss who, what, when, where, and why.  This information will help students add details to their stories they write at school.

Wee Deliver begins at the end of January!  The students will write letters to other students and teachers in the primary.  They will learn to write the address and begin to understand the postal system.  These letters are mailed within the Primary School and delivered to our personal class mailboxes.  The students love to communicate in this way and really enjoy receiving mail.

Writing is a great time for your child to express and share stories in a creative manner. We are learning all sorts of skills to help us become great writers. This six weeks we will be working on the following:

Keeping our work focused on one topic.

Spacing between words.

Using capitals at the beginning of sentences and names.

Using a period at the end of each complete thought.

The students will be incorporating their learning of story elements in reading to their writing.  We want the students to add these elements in the stories that they write.  Their stories should have a setting, characters, problem, events, and solutions.

We teach the students the Writing Process.

We want them to use these five steps to become a great writer.

1.  Plan – Plan your writing by drawing a picture, talking about the topic, researching, webbing, and listing ideas.

2.  Write- Write as much as you know about the topic.

3.  Revise- Read your story outloud to see if it sounds right.  Add sparkle words to make your story interesting.

4.  Edit – Edit your story by checking for capital letters at the beginning of the sentence and at the beginning of names.  Edit for correct punctuation.  Editing for no-excuse spelling words spelled correctly.

5.  Publish- You can publish your work by sharing it with the class, rewriting a neat copy, writing in your own book or class book.

These 5 steps can be used in various subjects to check your work.

Please check back often!

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