Mrs. Barlow’s Class

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Mrs. Barlow’s Class

Spelling Review 18

New Words:  man, too, any, day, same
Review Words:  to, that, have, there, then, could, called, know, write, the, a, is, you, it, he, was, as, his, this, one, not, said, who, long, just, new
Extra Words:  another, himself, name, once

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2nd Grade Spelling List

2nd Grade Spelling Words List

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Spelling Review 15

New Words:
good, new, write, our, me
Review Words:
as, they, when, their, two, like, people, use, words, a, that, was, are, one, all, we, their, about, many, these, time, people, made, little, very, just
Extra Words:
These words will be posted on the board as a resource.
book, class, lives, small, wrote

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What’s Happening In Mrs. Barlow’s Class?

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Learning this Week…

Reading:  We are reading many Christmas books and discussing author’s purpose and many comprehension skills.  We are also continuing to work on our Christmas PBL projects.  We have shared many with Mrs. Koonce and taught her some information about Christmas Around the World.

Writing:  We are finishing up our small moment stories.  These are personal moments that happened to us that we wanted to share with our friends.

Math:  We are reviewing past skills that we have learned.  We represented numbers from 50 to 100 in many ways like place value, coins, addition, subtraction, and tally marks.  They ordered the numbers from least to greatest.  We also created a Santa while solving addition and subtraction problems.

Social Studies:  Christmas Around the World


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WOW! Big News!

We collected the most box tops in the primary!  These kids worked so hard to help out our school!  Thank you students and parents for all of your efforts with helping us!  We will be watching Charlie Brown’s Christmas while enjoying refreshments this afternoon!

Just a little picture of our excitement!  We can’t wait for our treat!


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Brady learned…

I learned that the author’s purpose of Magic Tree House books entertain you, but also teach you information about things from the past. ~Brady~

Don’t forget your Penny Christmas gifts.

The party will be this Friday from 9-10 in our classroom.

We have made our parents a gift and they will be in your child’s backpack on Friday.

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I want to thank each and every person for contributing to Bucks for Brinlee!  It has been an amazing week and the kids are truly getting to apply the love of giving to others in need.  Tomorrow is the last day to contribute.  We will not dress up in any way tomorrow, but will be told the total amount given to this family!

Please have your child wear socks tomorrow.  We will have a bounce house to play in during our PE time.  They won’t be able to participate without socks.

We will also have a big benchmark assessment over all the math skills we have learned since the beginning of school.  Get some rest tonight and be ready to show me all the things you have learned in math so far!

We will also assess their understanding of a very important reading skill we have been working on the past two weeks.  Think about what you know about author’s purpose.

Tomorrow will be a busy day of learning!

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Christmas Party Information and Addison learned…

I   learned  Author’s Purpose. There  is purpose when you write. You should  Inform, persuade  or  entertain.
~Addison M.~

Don’ forget about “Bucks for Brinnlee”
Tomorrow where a Christmas shirt, pin, headband, etc. to “Send Christmas Cheer to Brinlee!”

We will be celebrating the spirit of giving with a “Penny Christmas”!  The note was sent home last week.  I will send a reminder notice on Friday.  The “Penny Christmas” items will be due on December 15th.
I have sent the “Room Mother” sheets to Mrs. Greenwood.  She will be contacting any parent that signed up to help.  We would love to have any and all of you join us to set up and help at the Christmas party.  Thank you in advance for helping with the party and sending items.  The children and I appreciate all of you!

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Week 16 Weekly Learning…

Reading:  We will continue working on author’s purpose!  Read and think about a piece of PIE!  The author is writing for a PURPOSE!
P=PERSUADE (Santa Letter –  We tried to persuade Santa we were good and he needed to bring us what we wanted!)
I=INFORM (non-fiction text – teach us something)
E=ENTERTAIN (make us feel happy or amuse us)

Writing:  Use understanding of author’s purpose from reading and write a story to entertain!  We will go through the writing process to complete this entertaining story!

Math:  Graphing and review of previous taught skills.  We will be completing common assessments to see what we have learned and what we need help on at this time with regrouping, problem solving, and place value.  We will have a benchmark over all the math skills that we have covered next Friday.

Spelling:  No Spelling words next week.  We will begin new spelling words the week we get back from Christmas break.

Homework:  Please read each night for up to 20 minutes.   Great comprehension questions would include why the author wrote the book and what lesson did you learn?
No spelling work!
I will send home a quick homework sheet to review previous taught skills!
(coins, place value, addition with regrouping, addition, subtraction, number strings) due Friday!

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Bucks for Brinlee

Please see the paper attached for the Bucks for Brinnlee located in your child’s folder.  Thanks!

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Charles learned…

We created a graph about the different eye colors in our classroom.
We read a graph about our favorite sports.  Baseball was the most favorite sport.
There were 10 students that liked baseball.  There were 2 students that liked basketball.  How many more liked baseball than basketball?  8

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Gavin learned…

I learned to regroup.  When you add a number above 9 you have to take the number to the next place value.


Happy Birthday to Danica!


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