Mrs. Barlow’s Class

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Mrs. Barlow’s Class

2nd Grade Spelling List

2nd Grade Spelling Words List

Weekly Spelling Words:
water, way, find, use, may

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What’s Happening In Mrs. Barlow’s Class?

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Charles learned…

I learned how to keep my teeth clean.  I should brush them two times a day and floss.


We had dental helpers come in a teach us about taking car of our teeth today!

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Gavin learned… and Addison learned…

I learned about missing addends.  I draw the sticks of the sum and circle the addend part you know to find the missing addend.

I learned how to spell new words by making connections to words I already and by playing Spelling City.

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Mackenzie learned…

I read a book about a boy that rode a magic bike.  He pretended it was a rocket and an airplane.

Pumpkin Projects are due this week.  We have already had some amazing projects turned in!

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Weekly learning…

Reading:  Review skills
fiction and non-fiction genres, research, inference, retell, sequence, compare/contrast

Phonics:  Review blends, plural nouns, long vowels

New Words:  water, way, find, use, may
Review Words:  are, there, their, more, make, its, people, of, in, you, it, was, be, what, all, if, how, out, many, some, more, time, no, than
Extra Words:  need, think, today, us

Writing: Haunted House Ad Writing Process
(adjectives, nouns, verbs, onomatopoeia)

Math:  addition/subtraction
Solve problems with an unknown change
compare/contrast subtraction


Spelling Words/Test Friday

Math Pages (due Friday)/Math Assessment Tuesday (number strings, addition/subtraction, problem solving, count combinations of coins)

Read each night, sign reading log, and initial planner.

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Please Vote

Please vote for our project on!  Thank you!

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Jack learned…

I learned about part/part/whole in math.  Each part is an addend then the whole represents the sum.

They have an assessment next Tuesday over all the math concepts learned this 9 weeks.
counting a combination of coins, number strings, addition and subtraction computation (watch the signs), and problem solving stories (know which strategy to use)

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Avree learned…

I learned that adding good details makes a good story.

The students have been asked to write two long o words in their planner that they read from their book.

PLEASE vote for our class Limeades for Learning project each day.  You can also use the following code to vote from any and all devices once a day.  Voting ends on October 26th!  Thanks for all the tickets!  Keep voting please!!

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Pumpkin Family Project

The students are bringing home their mini pumpkin and note today for the pumpkin project.  It will explain the project and ideas of book characters.  Please be creative and have the students choose a book character to create out of the pumpkin.  I would love for them to explain what the character trait is for their pumpkin creation and why they chose that character.  I am sure you will have fun with this project!

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Laney learned…

I learned what the difference was of odd and even.  I also learned more about counting a combination of coins.

Math homework is due each Friday.  You can turn it in anytime during the week.

Practice your spelling words each night!

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Samantha learned…

I enjoyed creating my own math story board.
I have 10 pumpkins.  I bought 7 more.  Then I bought 2 more.  How many do I have in all?
Can you solve her problem?  Comment and give me an equation for her problem.

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