Please check your child’s binder tonight.  They have a note about reading logs and homework.  This book may be to hard, just right, or to easy.  I will be testing the next two weeks to know which level is the best for your child.  They need to read each night and get their reading log initialed by you.  This will help their reading fluency and a quick discussion of their book with you will improve their comprehension.  They will also earn a ticket for each night they read.  I hope you enjoy this precious time with your child each night!

Great Day!

Today was another great day! The students are learning and practicing the rules in our classroom and around the school.

Reading:  We have read several books about using manners, displaying great character traits, and building our classroom to be a TEAM!

Writing:  We were able to do a little bit of interactive writing today!  The students were able to use their dry erase tables!  We wrote “All About Me” pages and shared some of our favorite things.  Tomorrow they will write a letter to me explaining things that they want me to know about them.  I am very excited to continue to get to know each of them and all the things they enjoy!

Spelling:  We will be reviewing our first grade spelling words for the next several days.

Phonics:  The students are already making connections to words they know and applying something with that word that will help them on the new word they want to write.

Math:  We are learning how to talk through problems in our Number Talk time and problem solve during Intentional Problem Solving time.

Social Studies:  We are reviewing and practicing our CHAMPS expectations daily!

We have had two busy days!  I know it will be a great year!

First Day of School!

Today was an amazing day!  I loved getting to know each and every one of my students!  Each child stood up with confidence to tell me something about themselves and why they matter!  I am so proud of them for knowing they make a difference in our world because they matter!

There is something in each of YOU that the world needs because YOU matter!

Enjoy our first day pictures!  Thank you for sharing your child with me!

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Time for School!

Thank you all for coming to Meet the Teacher!  It was great seeing each of you!

I am so excited about the first day of school!  I am ready to start this year with each one of my sweet 2nd graders!

Tomorrow we will be learning routines and getting to know each other!  I want to learn about each of you and all of the things that you are interested in learning!



Welcome to Mrs. Barlow’s 2nd Grade Class!

Summer break is coming to an end!  I will start back tomorrow getting everything perfectly ready for each of you to have to have a wonderful school year. I hope you’ve had a fun summer and you are ready to begin school with some new challenges.  I know I am super excited to meet each and every one of you! Remember Meet the Teacher is August 20, 2015 on Thursday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm!  Please bring your supplies.  I hope to see you all there!  For now, enjoy the rest of the summer and I’ll be anxiously awaiting August, 24th at 8:00 AM for the first day of school!

Summer Reading!

Hello to everyone!  I hope each of you are having a fantastic summer!  Don’t forget about keeping up your reading skills this summer!  The White Oak Public Library has an awesome reading program going on each Wednesday!  I would love for you to blog about the books you are reading on your student blogs!  You may be reading a book I haven’t heard or read before!  I sure would like to have some book ideas from you!  Go on an adventure and read some books!


Thank you for a wonderful year!  You have been awesome parents that supported your child and I in the journey of learning in 2nd grade!  Thank you for sharing your precious children with me!  I am excited to see where their journey takes them!  Thanks for the sweet gift!  I just love each and everyone of my kids!

The kids can still use their blogs and communicate with each other over the summer!  I would love to keep up with them and all the awesome things they are doing while on vacation. Don’t forget the wonderful reading camp at the White Oak Public Library on Wednesdays.  Have a blessed summer!

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