Mrs. Barlow’s Class

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Mrs. Barlow’s Class

2nd Grade Spelling List

2nd Grade Spelling Words List

Weekly Spelling Words:
time, could, see, like, him

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What’s Happening In Mrs. Barlow’s Class?

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Jack learned…

I learned how to solve number strings.
step 1 –   4+3=7    (4+4=8-1=7)
step 2 –  7+1=8

The students have a number string to solve for you in their planner.  We are using quick mental strategies like doubles plus one and doubles minus one to help us.

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This weeks learning…

Reading:  This week the students will be learning to sequence events in a story.  We will be reading Fall books and putting them in sequence order.  We hope this practice will help them better sequence the stories they write as authors!

Phonics:  We will also be reviewing and learning about beginning and ending blends.

Spelling Words:  New Words – make, than, no, first, been
Review Words:  but, all, were, there, their, how, could, no, the, of, to, is, for, be, I, have, or, one, them, some, would, has, two, like, no
Extra Words:  These will be posted on the board the day of the test – better, cookies, good, June, us, way

Writing:  We are continuing the writing process on our class and individual fiction stories.  We have added in revising and will learn how to check revision with a partner.  We will also complete some editing activities and use this part of the process to make our stories even better.  We will then work on publishing our stories into book form with illustrations.  It will be a busy, but fun week in Writing!

Math:  We will work on addition and subtraction situations.  The students will also work on adding more than two addends.  We will have greater numbers to work with as well as problem solving situations.

Science:  We will discuss the three states of matter and complete an experiment!

Spelling:  Practice a new word a night and write a sentence with it.  Review the review words to ensure you can read and spell them.  
Math:  Two math pages will come home on Monday and will be due on Friday.  These will be a review of coins and a computation page.  
Reading:  Read each night for 15 – 20 minutes and practice your fluency poem!

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Bailey learned…

I learned how to do a retelling rope.

“Real Life” experiences can be the best teachers.  Some of the students created a store and priced items for their store.  Their classmates went to the stores and used coins to buy the items.  The “store clerks” checked the money to be sure it was correct.  They seemed to enjoy this learning experience!


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Have a wonderful weekend!

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Hunter learned…

I learned that it is ok to be scared, but be brave and don’t worry.  Bear was afraid, but his friends came and helped him.

Keep practicing counting a mixture of coins!

Read each night and sign your log for a ticket!

Think about things that happen to you that would become a story.  Use these things to create a story with a setting, characters, problems, events, and solution.

Pictures are next Tuesday!

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Fall pictures will be taken on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.  All students will have their picture taken whether you order pictures or not.  These pictures will be the ones used for the yearbook.  The flyer was sent home yesterday, but I will check tomorrow to see when the order form will come home.  I will let you know as soon as possible.

Don’t forget – Math Coin Assessment will be this Friday!  We will also have our spelling and dictation test on Friday, too!

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Alli learned…

I learned how to use base ten blocks to solve a math problem.

Reading – Story Elements
Characters, Setting, Problem, and Solution

Blends – Two consonants together that blend together.  Examples are sl, pl, cr, pr, st – Please notice these in your reading tonight.

Writing – We will continue to write our class and individual stories.  We will add the problem and solution and then begin to revise and edit.

Punctuation – ., !, ?

Spelling – time, could, see, like, him
Review Words – are, from, have, not, there, your, would, the, of, to, be, I, what, will, other, two
Test will be Friday.

Math – coins – We want the students to know the name, value, and how to count a collection of coins.  We also want them to know how they can exchange a set of coins for another.  ex. 2 nickels or a dime
We will have an end of the unit test on coins this Friday.

Social Studies – Community Helpers

Homework:  Read 15 – 20 minutes each night and have your parents initial.
Math – Counting a collection of coins and coin problem solving.  They will get there math pages today and they will be due on Friday.  The students will need to do them when they have the opportunity at home for homework.
Spelling – Practice a word each night.  Write a sentence with each word.

Book orders will be ordered tomorrow night.  Please turn it in no later than Tuesday.

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Limeades for Learning! Please help!

Dear Parents,

Our class is participating in the Limeades for Learning program that Sonic Drive-in funds every school year.  I have created a project for our classroom to receive a carpet for our floor time learning.

I Need Your Help!

Please take time each night to vote or bring us sticker’s from Sonic Drive-in.  When you go to sonic Drive -in, let them know that your child is in a “Limades for Learning” class.  They will give you stickers that count as extra VOTES!  Ask for as many stickers as they will give you.  Send the stickers to school and I will be happy to put the votes in for our project.

Voting Begins September 22nd!

1.  Go to
2.  Click on “Find A Project.”
3.  In the search box type: A Place For Everyone!  Floor Time!
4.  Vote. Vote. Vote for our project: A Place for Everyone!  Floor Time!
5.  You can vote once daily from EVERY email address you have!  Please use them all!
6.  Please share this with ALL of your friends and family!


Mrs. Barlow

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This week I will be sending home a newsletter about what we will be learning.  I have two homework sheets for math, the list of spelling words, etc.  I will give these out on Monday and they will not be due back until Friday.  I know each of you are very busy with activities each night.  I am hoping this will help your child the week to complete the homework and return it on Friday.  Then you can do it on the nights you may have free.  Thank you for supporting your child in their education.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Collin and Jack!photo

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Charles learned…

I learned how to play the money game.  You collected coins to make 25 cents.

We will have early release tomorrow at 11:30 am.  Please look at notes in your child’s folder.


They will draw out the coins with the value inside to make 57 cents in their planner.  Please keep reading each night!

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