Mrs. Barlow’s Class

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Mrs. Barlow’s Class

Spelling Review 24

New Words:  name, between, still, found, every

Review Words:  with, have, what, when, there, then, could, its, where, place, went, the, and, a, it, was, they, I, have, not, we, there, said, two, see, could, did, down, water, very, look, small

Extra Words:  clear, fish, green, hills, lake

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2nd Grade Spelling List

2nd Grade Spelling Words List

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What’s Happening In Mrs. Barlow’s Class?

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WOW! Thanks! Chocolate Winners!

We sold the most chocolate thanks to you!  We appreciate you and all of your help!  We won a soccer ball chair and will have a small kid party to celebrate!

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Weekly Learning for the week of March 23, 2015!

Reading:  PBL Recycle!  The students will research various questions in cooperative groups.  The students will have sites on my class blog to safely search for answers about recycling!  The students are preparing to complete a final project to display what they have learned about recycling and how it helps the earth and the future.

Writing:  The students will publish an Earth Day poem!  We will practice the complete writing process.

The students will complete the Trash to Treasure creative activity for a hands on understanding of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!  Please send any and all recyclables by Wednesday.  We will begin these projects on Thursday.


New Words:  name, between, still, found, every

Review Words:  with, have, what, when, there, then, could, its, where, place, went, the, and, a, it, was, they, I, have, not, we, there, said, two, see, could, did, down, water, very, look, small

Extra Words:  clear, fish, green, hills, lake

Phonics:  Possessive Nouns – The students will learn how to use and spell possessive nouns correctly.

Math:  We will begin our unit on time.  We will learn to read an analog and digital clock.  By the end of the unit the students will learn how to tell time by the hour, half hour, 15 minute increments, 5 minute increments, and minutes.  They will learn all of the vocabulary for telling time.  Please practice at home!

Social Studies:  Recycling PBL

Bring any items that can be recycled by Wednesday.  Thanks for your help!

Homework:  Spelling practice with sentences and math homework due on Friday.

Assessments:  Spelling test on Friday.  The students usually have a simple graded assessment on a comprehension passage and/or phonics sheet on Thursday.  They also have a math assessment over skills being taught and previous skills learned in a problem solving format on Fridays.

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Upcoming Events…

Our reading contest started Monday.  Please make sure your child reads for at least 20 minutes each night and that you sign your initials on their yellow reading log.  Each night they read and have it signed they get a ticket to go into the drawing on May 8th for a new bike!  The more tickets they have in their the better chance that they will have to win!

I will be out on Friday, so I have moved the spelling test up to this Thursday.

We will have spring pictures taken on Tuesday, March 24, 2015!  Dress nice!

We will have an early release on March 31, 2015 for parent conferences.  I will be sending home schedules soon.  The students will dismiss at 11:00 am that day in order for us to meet with parents beginning around 11:15 am.

EASTER Party Information
We will be having our Easter party on Good Friday!  This will be our make-up day for the snow day that we had.  Our party will be Friday, April 3, 2015 from 9am to 10am.  I will send out more party information soon.  This will be an early release day and the Primary school will release at 11:00am that day!

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Weekly Learning for March 16, 2015

Reading:  PBL Recycling Project
Driving Question:  Why is recycling important and how does it keep the earth clean and protected for future generations?

Writing:  Go Green Journal
We will write daily journal entries to help explain our understanding of what we are learning about recycling.


New Words:
great, tell, men, say, small

Review Words:
they, their, would, very, after, most, through, think, around, help, different, the, of, and, in, you, are, they, have, all, there, can, their, about, many, some, these, two, people, way, good, help(ed)

Extra Words:
names, us, women, world

Math:  Review fractions, coins, addition and subtraction with regrouping, graphing, etc.

Social Studies:  Continue working on understanding recycling.


HOMEWORK:  Math front and back due Friday.
Write a sentence for each spelling room.

ASSESSMENT:   We will have a Math assessment on Thursday over all the concepts that we have learned.
Our spelling test will be on Friday.

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Champs 3-6-15

Way to go!

Laney ~ Always being a Champ!
Danica ~ Great Stories and Writing!
Mckenzie ~ Great Hall Manners!
Addison ~ Cafeteria Champ!

Photo on 3-6-15 at 8.39 AM

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Weekly Learning… 3-2-15

Reading ~ Readers’ Theater scripts
The students will work on understanding how to use punctuation when reading.  (commas, quotation marks, exclamation points, question marks, and periods)  The will learn how to change their voice during reading to help with comprehension.

Writing ~  Students will continue working on stories and poems.  They will also learn about -ing and -ed endings when spelling.  We will use the writing process.

Spelling ~ The students will have the same spelling words from last week and the test will be this Friday.

number, old, went, off, again
Review Words:
were, when, which, their, many, time, very, were, our, also, take, the, of, and, a, to, it, on, they, be, from, I, their, time, did, may, very, get, go, think, another, because, does, why
Extra Words:
door, it’s, light, outside, store, today

Phonics ~ add endings to words

Math ~ We will continue learning fractions in problem solving situations next week.

Social Studies ~ St. Patrick’s Day

Homework and Weekly Assessments:

Word Endings Worksheet on Thursday.

Fraction and graphing assessment on Friday.

Math due by Friday.

Spelling Test on Friday.

Spring Break will be March 9th – March 13th!

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Champ’s Assembly 2-27-15

Way to go Champs!

Luke – Respectful Champ!
Kinlee – Great Reading Comprehension and Fluency!
Alli – Great Morning Meeting and Cafeteria Champ!
Levi – Great Cafeteria Champ!

Photo on 2-27-15 at 8.25 AM

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World’s Finest Chocolate!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 7.30.47 PM


Please don’t forget to sell your chocolate!  It will help our school out so much!  We appreciate your help with this fundraiser!
The orders and money will be due on Monday, March 2, 2015!  

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Weather Day!

School has been cancelled tomorrow due to the weather!  I hope you have a wonderful time playing in the snow and ice!  Be careful!

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