Weekly Learning Week 15

Weekly Learning Week 15

Phonics:  We are learning to add -s and -es to words to make them plural.

Spelling:  get, through, back, much, go, buses, washes, switches, boxes

Reading:  We will be learning about Author’s Purpose.  We want the students to understand and identify if the author wrote a story to entertain, persuade, or give us information.  They also need to give evidence to help support their thinking.

Writing:  We want our students to learn to write for a purpose as they are playing the role of an author.

Math:  We will continue to practice addition with regrouping in the tens and hundreds place.

Homework = Ticket towards a prize you have saved up for each week!
Reading – Read each night and have your reading log signed.
Fluency Poem – Read each night with phrasing and expression.  Initial each night and return Friday to paste in your poetry notebook.
Math – Two pages of math practice due by Friday.
Spelling – Practice a word a night and locate these words in your reading practice time.
Each Thursday we have an assessment over a reading or phonics skill.
Each Friday we have an assessment over what we have been working on in Math and we have a Spelling test.

Weekly Learning Week 14

Weekly Learning Week 14

The students will be working on our Genius Hour projects to share what we have learned as a class about tornados.

We will continue to read and write about Thanksgiving.

Math will bring fun with a Turkey Roll game to practice math skills.

Remember there is an early release on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 11:00.


I hope each of you have a blessed Thanksgiving break.  Please read something over the break to keep progressing in your reading skills!


Weekly Learning Week 13

Weekly Learning Week 13


Nov. 18 – – – Fall picture retakes

Nov. 24 – – – Early release / 11:00 (Afternoon PreK will meet with morning class from 8 – 11)

Nov. 25, 26, & 27 – – – Thanksgiving holidays

Spelling:  Review 13
New Words:  called, just, where, most, know
Review Words:  there, your, out, then than, little, after, the, of, to, is, for, are, they, one, all, we, can, will, time, no, now, way, find

Phonics Words:  Consonant Digraphs
th like in think, sh like in wish, ch like in check, wh like in white

Reading:  Class Genius Hour
Review and practice steps we will take during Genius Hour

Writing:  Adjectives describe a noun.
We will work on adding adjectives in our stories.

Math:  Continue place value and learning to add with regrouping.

Social Studies:  Continue learning about the first Thanksgiving

Read each night and have your log signed.
Initial planner each night.
Spelling Story – practice spelling words using comprehension skills.
Fluency Poem – read and initial each night to turn in FRIDAY.
Math – complete and turn in by Friday

Weekly Learning Week 12

Weekly Learning Week 12


November 9, 2015 will be the first day of our Canned Food Drive.

On Wednesday, November 11, 2015 will have an early release day.  The Primary students will be released at 11:30 am.

Fall Picture Retakes will be on Novemember 18, 2015.

We will have an early release on November 24, 215 at 11:00.  Thanksgiving holiday will be from November 25th to November 27th.

Reading:  We will continue learning about the main idea of fiction and non fiction text.  We will then learn how to choose the correct supporting details for the main idea.

Writing:  We want the students to learn how to apply each part of the writing process in their own stories. They need to plan, write, revise, edit, and publish each piece of their writing. 

Phonics:  We will learn the r-controlled parts in words to help us read and write.  We will learn ar like in car, er like in water, ir like in bird, ur like in turn, and or like in horse

Spelling:  long, little, very, after, words

Math:  We will learn place value of numbers to 1,200.  Our vocabulary words will be ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and base ten blocks.

Social Studies:  We will learn about the First Thanksgiving.


Read each night and have your parents sign your reading log.  Please have your parent initial your planner each night.

You will have two pages of math homework due by Friday.

You will have a fluency poem to practice each night and have signed each night by your parents.  Return this by Friday.

Each job you complete and have turned in will earn you a ticket.

Phone Issues

My classroom phone is not working at this time. You can email me at [email protected] or contact the office to send me any needed messages! Thank you for your understanding!