Class Newsletter Week 8

We have reading comprehension assessments each Thursday.  On Friday we assess spelling in the morning and math in the afternoon.  We will have a math benchmark on Monday over all of the math skills we have covered so far.  These skills include counting a mixture of coins, solving story problems and choosing the correct operation to solve the problem, addition/ subtraction computation, and number strings.  The problem solving stories include applying the concepts taught with computation, number strings, and counting a mixture of coins.

Donor’s Choose Sonic Limeades for Learning!

Voting with codes starts tomorrow! If you go through Sonic please get tickets with codes to vote for our class project! It is call “3D to Life” under my name. You can also get one free vote from each of your email addresses daily without a code from Sonic! We only have $55 left to go! Thank you to the White Oak business, Turn Tex, the Greenwood family, and the Jester family for donating to our project already! We appreciate you all! If you can’t enter the codes please send them to school and I will get them entered! Thank you!