October Book Order

I will be sending home a book order on Monday, but if you want to place and order online you are welcome to do that instead.  The following letter will let you know our class code and due date.  I WILL HAVE A SPECIAL COUPON ATTACHED TO THE PAPER FLYER.  IF YOU SPEND $10 YOU WILL GET UP TO A $5 BOOK FOR FREE.  YOU WILL NEED THE CODE TO ENTER IF ORDERING ONLINE!  I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS SWEET TREAT!

Class Code – FFQHD  This has to be in all capital letters.
Order Due Date –  October 20, 2016

Dear Families,

This month’s Scholastic Reading Club flyers are now available! Please take a few moments to explore the selection together and let your child help choose books he or she is excited to read.

You can order online at scholastic.com/readingclub, where you’ll find a wide selection of quality children’s books that are just right for your child’s reading level and interests. Or return your paper order form to me with a check made out to “Scholastic Reading Club.”

Remember, you help our class earn FREE Books and supplies with every order. Thank you for supporting your child’s reading both at home and in the classroom!

Brandi Barlow

PS: Please let me know if your order includes a gift for your child, and I will contact you when it arrives!

First Time Ordering Online?

Go to scholastic.com/readingclub

Enter our one-time Class Activation Code.  It needs to be in all capital letters.  FFQHD

Shop and submit your child’s book order.

Your books will be delivered directly to the classroom.

Donor’s Choose Sonic Project!

Dear Parents,

I just posted another project hoping to get two more devices for our students to use.  I would like more station groups and individuals to have the chance to post their hard work in their SeeSaw app.  I also wanted them to have a couple of more devices to help them with research while in reading and writing.  Please continue sending in the Sonic tickets and voting online from all of your emails.  When you share it on twitter, Facebook, and send to another email address you will get additional votes.  Votes end on October 26th!  The project is called “Ready! Set! Publish!  Thanks for all of your help!

Mrs. Barlow’s Class

Map Skype Activity!

The students will Skype with a 2nd grade classroom somewhere in the U.S.  They will ask questions about the states using a map.  They can only ask yes or no questions.  We are working on this in the classroom, but they can visit with you about it, too.  You may together come up with some great yes or no questions the students could ask.  Here is a map below.

Site to try: Fact Monster

Example questions:  Does your state border the Pacific Ocean?  Is your state in the south?



Sonic Limeades for Learning!

Thank you to each of you getting tickets for our project! I think we are close to 700! Yay! I told the kids when I went that they only gave me a few tickets. I’m just not as cute and sweet as they are!:). I told them if they get to go to tell them all about our project and hope they hand them a ton of tickets! Thanks for your help!

You can vote from any and all emails that you have. You have to go to limeadesforlearning.com and create and account for each email. You then find our project and save it as your favorite. You will have to do this for each email address. You do have to verify your email the first time. After that you get a vote. If you share on facebook you will get and extra vote. Also, you can share on twitter. If you share by emailing a person you get two votes. I am doing this for all of my family emails and it is really helping! Thank you for your help!