2nd Grade Goals and Objectives

Please read this information as well as the information in the table about each subject.  I will be updating each week to six weeks with information about our learning.


We are setting goals in first grade!


Our 1st grade students have a goal of leaving 1st grade on a reading  level at a 16 to 18.  We would like them to be fluent at this level and comprehend what they read.  We want our 2nd graders to end 2nd grade on a level 22- 24.  They also need to be reading fluently with an understanding of what they are reading.   We want read with good phrasing and good comprehension.  We want the students to develop a love for reading.  They need to understand that they are reading for a purpose.   All students will develop at different rates.  I will work with them on their instructional reading level to accelerate their learning.


We want our second graders to become independent writers.  They are learning mechanics, grammar, and how to write a focused story.  We teach our second graders the process of writing.  We plan, write, revise, edit, and publish our work throughout the year.  At the end of writing workshop we choose students who want to share their stories.  We use a system called TAG to give the students a chance to conference with others about their writing.  T stands for “Tell the author something you learned and the purpose of their writing.”  A stands for “Ask the author a question.”  G stands for “Give the author a complement on something they did well in writing their story.”


We are learning a variety of concepts throughout the year.  We work on patterns, geometry, addition regrouping, subtraction regrouping, fractions, time, and money. We use problem solving daily in all of our concepts.  We have a time during our Math block called Number Talks.  This is a time where students learn number concepts and a deeper understanding of numbers to help in solving math problems.  We also have a time in our block to work on Intentional Problem Solving.  We are practicing reading and comprehending our math story problems and carry out the correct strategy in order to solve the problem.

Character Education

We are learning a new character trait each month.  We want to become good citizens in our classrooms, home, and community.

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