CHAMPs – Our Rules and Social Contract!

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A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management!

Champs behavior is a very important part of our classroom.  This is a model for what we expect our students to look and sound like at school during our day.  Each letter stands for something that will help your child understand how to be a CHAMP.

C = Conversation Can students talk to each other during this activity?

H = Help How do the students get teacher’s attention and questions answered?

A = Activity What is the task and the objective?

M = Movement Can students move about during this activity?

P = Participation What does the work behavior look and sound like?

In the primary school we choose to use the terms what does this lesson or activity “look like and sound like”.  We use this to help your child in a proactive and positive way so that they will understand what we expect in all school situations.  This will allow for a wonderful learning environment for each student.  We create T- Charts at the beginning of the year with the students.  The students are a part of the process of creating our class rules and procedures which are our Champs Rules!  These T-Charts are reviewed before each activity to ensure understanding of the rules in the various activities and situations during our day.

We also create a class Social Contract.  These are things that students help brainstorm together.  We decide how we will show respect to others in the classroom.  Each student will sign the contract to acknowledge understanding of how to act and treat others at school.

Please view the following Social Contract.




*Stay on task*Finish your work

Listen to…

*Teachers*Students Sharing

Self Control…

*Raise your hand!*Don’t interrupt others speaking.*Hands, feet, and objects to yourself


*Use nice words*Use nice actions


They will receive tickets for being respectful and responsible throughout the day.  For example, completing their center work, turning in notes, champs in class, champs in line, etc.  I find many things to reward the students for during each day. Each table has a day of the week that they can redeem 20 tickets for a prize from the treasure box. They can also redeem a ticket or a prize if they have a stamp everyday of the week.


We will review expectations from our Champs T-Chart before each activity.  If a student does not follow a rule they will give me a ticket. After giving me one ticket they will put their planner on my desk for a planner warning.  This will be some time out from an activity or recess.  If they give me three throughout the daythey  will have a note in their planner.

Please click here to view our Hall Manners and Playground Rules!

Please review and discuss these Rules and Contract with your child.

Thank you for your support in your child’s education.

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  1. I love this. My daughter likes to write, and her keredrgantin teacher suggested she do a summer journal this summer to keep practicing writing for first grade. She hasn’t been interested in writing in it, even with me writing a journal entry too. Maybe if we all did one sentence…I’ll have to give it a shot.Instead I’ve been using her “journal” to write notes to her to leave for her, and to have her write back to me. For some reason, she’s more excited about this than “journaling.”

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