Christmas at W.O. Primary! It will be a busy week.

Christmas News!

This week at W.O. Primary we will be very busy.  Please check the list below to be prepared for all of the Christmas fun!

Monday:  Christmas Mystery Skype and Christmas stories to read and discuss.  We will have some fun art that goes along with our Christmas books and comprehension lessons.  Please bring your wrapped Christmas socks for the exchange on Thursday.
Tuesday:  Polar Express Day.  Wear school appropriate pajamas and your tennis shoes.  We will enjoy some hot chocolate while watching the Polar Express movie.
Wednesday: Christmas Around the World in 2nd grade.  Each class will be learning about a different country from the 2nd grade teachers.  We will learn about Christmas in Mexico, Italy, England, Sweden, Germany, and France.  We will have a Bounce House Day during your enhancement period.  Please wear socks to enjoy jumping!
Thursday:  Class Christmas Party from 9am to 10am.  Our lunch that day will be at 10:35.  We will have early release at 11:45, but you are welcome to take your child home after the Christmas Party.
Friday:  ENJOY your Christmas break.  I can’t wait to see you next year on January 7, 2019.

Weekly Newsletter!

The following words are new to our second graders.
man, too, any, day, same
We will make a connection of the part -an in any and man.
We will make the connection of -oo in too.
We will make a connection of -ay in day.
We will make a connection of -ame in same.
I will give them see, happy, eat and eve on the board.  We will work on these more next week.  I wanted them to see a connection.
The other words are review.  They should have learned to read and spell them in K and 1st grade.  I hope this helps since there are so many words.  Let me know if you have any questions.