Earth Day! Park Day!

Tomorrow is our celebration of Earth Day at Penic Park.  We will have our Champs Assembly and then get ready to board the bus to be at the park by 9am.  I have put our schedule on Seesaw for you to know where your child will be.  They can bring a towel, but will need to keep it with them or have their name on it to put at the tables.  Please put sunscreen on them before they leave home.  We will be playing and it would be good for them to wear tennis shoes.  We would love for parents to help with stations if you are able to come.  You would travel with your child’s class.  I am sending a ziploc bag home for them to put their lunch in if they are not getting one from the cafeteria.  We will have one water bottle for them and a place to refill them at the park.  We hope they enjoy this day of fun and cooperative play while enjoying Earth Day.

Information about Stadium Drive!

Beginning Monday morning, December 4, 2017, Roughneck Drive will be reduced to one lane in front of the football stadium. Two lane operation will resume at the end of the Home Side Bleachers. Temporary fencing will be in place to designate the construction site. This is necessary to allow for the construction zone at the new Field House Site. This traffic pattern will remain in place until September of 2018.

We have included an image of the traffic pattern for your benefit. It can also be viewed on the main page of the district’s website,

White Oak ISD would like to thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during this time of district improvement projects.


Donor’s Choose Sonic Project!

Dear Parents,

I just posted another project hoping to get two more devices for our students to use.  I would like more station groups and individuals to have the chance to post their hard work in their SeeSaw app.  I also wanted them to have a couple of more devices to help them with research while in reading and writing.  Please continue sending in the Sonic tickets and voting online from all of your emails.  When you share it on twitter, Facebook, and send to another email address you will get additional votes.  Votes end on October 26th!  The project is called “Ready! Set! Publish!  Thanks for all of your help!

Mrs. Barlow’s Class

Map Skype Activity!

The students will Skype with a 2nd grade classroom somewhere in the U.S.  They will ask questions about the states using a map.  They can only ask yes or no questions.  We are working on this in the classroom, but they can visit with you about it, too.  You may together come up with some great yes or no questions the students could ask.  Here is a map below.

Site to try: Fact Monster

Example questions:  Does your state border the Pacific Ocean?  Is your state in the south?



Needed Recycled Items!

Thank you so much for sending recycled items to school!  They are really helping us brainstorm great ideas.  Today we completed our Trash to Treasure Brainstorm sheet and decided as a group what we wanted to create with our recycled items.  While planning and drawing out our plan we found we needed just a few more things.  If you have any of the following items at home we would appreciate you sending them by tomorrow.  Thank you in advance for all of your help!

16 toilet paper rolls
2 egg cartons
4 paper towel rolls
1 shoe box



Upcoming Events!

We will not have a spelling test this Friday due to it being a short week.  The same words will be on the test next Friday.

The students are learning to blog by themselves.  They have their own blog on  If you are interested in getting emails when they post about their learning, please email me your email address.  They have been learning to write about their learning and screenshot pictures of the work they have done in class.  When they invite you to view their blog you will get an email each time your own child posts something.  It is a safe way to let the children have an audience.  You can also comment back about their learning.  They have done a great job learning this type of technology.

February 12, 2016 will be the date of our Valentine Party!  It will be from 12pm to 1pm.  The room mothers for this party will be contacting you for ideas, help with bringing items, and for help they will need at the party.  If you want to help in any way and you didn’t turn in a pink room mother sheet, please let me know and I will get your information to the room mothers.


Important Information

Please read the note about our Christmas party.  
We will bring home a wish list for books we viewed at the book fair on Tuesday. At this point they will not reorder books if they run out. Please understand that if your child comes to purchase a book and they are out of the book they wanted they will need to choose another book from their wish list or a book of the same price. Parents can come during school hours on Wednesday and Thursday and then they will have a “Parent Night” on Thursday night from 6-8. Thank you for helping us have a successful book fair!