Share with Seesaw!

Today your child will come home with a specific letter about a site called Seesaw.  This is a way to see your child’s work in school.  They have learned to post their work from stations and all their learning throughout the day.  They would love for you to view their work and comment about the awesome things they are learning.  We hope you enjoy seeing our learning through this awesome kid blog.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I also share things on our main class blog, but this will be specific to your child.  Thank you!


Today I gave the students a math homework sheet. I also gave them a math strategy sheet and a dry erase marker. This is located in their binder. They can use this strategy sheet when they are solving math problems and story problems! They can turn math homework in on any day! They have until Friday to complete it! They will need to read each night! Thank you for supporting your child!