Recycle Groups

These are the groups that created their presentations to explain why they feel recycling is important for their future.

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Recycle Commerial!



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iMovie – Movie Trailer!

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White Oak News – Newscast!



Weekly Learning…

Reading and Writing:  We will be completing our PBL/Recycling Published Work.  The kids will share their work on the blog as soon as they are completed.  Students have chosen to share their understanding of recycling and persuade the White Oak Community to begin a recycling program by using imovie, book creator, commercials, newscasts, and sock puppet app.  They have researched, used the writing process, learned to work collaboratively, and used technology to publish the answer to our driving question.

Spelling:  prefixes and suffixes

Math:  Measuring with centimeters, inches, and feet
Problem Solving
Number Talks – Number Sense

Science:  Reptiles and their characteristics

Thursday is our Easter Party from 12:00 to 1:00.  We will have an Egg Hunt with all of 2nd grade.  Please see attached note for the reminder of what to bring.  

Easter party letter 2014 barlow copy

Friday we will not have school!  Good Friday Holiday!!!

Learning Ladybugs

Ask your student what they learned about insects today.

We measured using a pencil eraser that is about the size of a centimeter.  We also noticed that using non-standard units will not always be the same number in length.

In writing we are connecting fiction and non-fiction while writing about the life cycle of a plant.

We are beginning to read even more non-fiction to build our vocabulary in this area.

I will send out notes about the Easter Party on Wednesday.