Important Information

Please read the Flat Stanley letter in your child’s folder.  Please discuss a good person to mail their Flat Stanley to and write that address in their planner on Tuesday!  This will be important to all students.  They would love to see the places and adventures that their Flat Stanley will go on.

They need to read tonight and complete their time math page.


Early Release next week:

Parents, mark your calendars.

On Wednesday, February 26th, Primary and Intermediate students will have an early release date. This will be a training day for teachers. Training  classes will begin shortly after your children are dismissed. Because of the scheduled events, we are asking that parents NOT eat lunch with their child on the 26th. Please make note of the times below:

  • Afternoon PreK will meet from 8-11 with the morning class
  • Primary Early Release – 11:30
  • Intermediate Early Release – 11:30

Book Orders!

Your child will come home with two book orders today.  Please feel free to browse and purchase the books of your choice on the flyer or complete it online.  Look at the information below to order online!  Thanks for your support!

Due on February 28, 2014!


The online code to order online is FFQHD or click on the link above.

Upcoming Events!


I was out sick today, but hope the students had a great day.

Spelling Test
Our spelling test will be on Thursday instead of Friday.

Valentine Party
We will have our Valentine Party this Friday from 12 -1.  All parents are welcome to come.  I want to thank Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Hidalgo, and Mrs. Anderson for heading up this party.  I am sure it will be a fun time for the kids.  Don’t forget your children’s Valentine cards to exchange with their classmates.  We will be making our bags tomorrow or Thursday.

February 17, 2014
School Holiday on Monday!