Weekly Learning Week 31

Weekly Learning Week 31

Reading The students will be learning more about recycling and why it is important for our planet through research.

Writing – The students will be able to write persuasive statements about issues that are important to the student for the appropriate audience in the school, home or local community.

Phonics – final stable syllable patterns – (ble, tle, gle, zle)

tumble, stumble, able, cable, title, juggle, fizzle

Spelling – line, set, own, under, read, stumble, title

Math – The students will learn the vocabulary and attributes of 2d/3d shapes and solid figures.  They will use this information and apply the information learned and create these 2d/3d shapes and solid figures.  

Science – Recycle Projects


Read each night and have your reading log signed.

Math homework due on Friday.

Fluency Poem should be read each night and turned in Friday.

Weekly Learning for January 26, 2015

Reading:  Prefixes – un means not – undo
We will apply this when reading to help them understand vocabulary.
We will also be reviewing comprehension when reading fairy tales.  We will work on inferencing, compare and contrast, story elements, and main idea.

Writing:  We will apply understanding of fairy tale elements.  We will begin writing fairy tales and concentrate on how to develop the setting and characters in our stories.  We will continue to practice using all the parts of the writing process.

Spelling Words:
New Words:  must, because, does, part, even
Review Words:  your, their, how, ,many, people, these, through, much, also, of, a, to, is, are, as, they, this, not, all, there, their, many, some, so, words, know, good
Extra Words:  always, check, sound, spell
They may need to use endings with these words such as:  er, ed, ing

Math:  Subtraction with regrouping using base ten blocks.

Science:  weather/seasons

Homework:  Math – regrouping with subtraction due Friday.
Spelling Work – sentence for each word due Friday.
Reading each night and getting your log signed.