Important Reminders for December events!


December 14th Seussical Christmas performance for parents – Students need to be here at 6pm and the play will begin at 6:30pm.  The students will perform two times during the day for their friends.  Please send them dressed and ready.

Please bring a wrapped book for the Christmas party book exchange by December 18th.  

December 19th PJ Polar Express Day.  Wear school appropriate pjs.  Early Release at 11:45am.

December 20th  All Christmas parties  9:00am to 10am
Early Release at 11:45am.  

Room Mothers can set up at 8:30am.  Room mothers will be contacting each person that completed a pink room mother sheet.  If you wanted to organize a party and were not contacted I will be asking you to help with the Valentine party.  All parents are encouraged to help and come be a part the party.  You will hear from someone soon on how you can help.


Thanksgiving FUN while Learning!

Today we made homemade butter and pumpkin bread.  We also had a science experiment that made corn dance.  The students loved the pumpkin bread and homemade butter.  They asked me to share the recipe so that they could make it with you over the holiday break.  I looked up classroom crockpot pumpkin pie and homemade butter on Pinterest.  I hope you all enjoy preparing these yummy recipes together. 

Parent Involvement for the Love of Reading!

Dear Parents,
I would like to try something new in our class this year to encourage and increase the love for reading! I will need your help if you are willing! I would love for you and your student to pick ONE of your favorite books that you read as a family or your child could bring home their favorite from school. I would love for your child to video you in the Seesaw app reading the book aloud. If you would rather not be in the video you could have your child video the pictures in the book as you read. I will then pick a book a week and share it with our class! It is always important for our kids to see others reading and enjoying books! You could make this as exciting as you would like with expression and voices! Your child could also be a part of the read aloud! I will have your child give us a quick introduction of the book with a question to get them all thinking! Thank you in advance for supporting your students! We all look forward to hearing some wonderful stories!


Mrs. Barlow