Science Day!

Moon Sand! The kids had to investigate, observe, measure, and mix to create the best consistency for their moon sand! It is in their backpack and they may need to experiment a little more! I am adding the recipe! We didn’t completely follow it to allow them to investigate, question, and explore! They did a great job! Fun and smiles! Keep pushing your mind to grow!








Board Game Day!

I am allowing the students to bring ONE board game tomorrow only. They will be cooperatively teaching and learning new games. We will be working on various skills! We will be working on sharing, problem solving, following directions, and many more skills! I hope they will enjoy the day. I have told them to make sure all of their parts are neatly and securely in a box! They are not required to bring a game, but can if they want. We are talking about respect of other people’s property, too!

Student Treasure Class Books!

The Student Treasure Class books are in your child’s backpack!  You still have 10 days to order online if you want a book!   I have placed papers with the pin number in student folders that did not order a book.  You can order online!  If you choose to order the book will be shipped to your home!  I hope you all enjoy this awesome treasure!