Christmas Party Gift Addition

Hello Parents,

There was a suggestion of adding the Penny Christmas idea to our party.  If your child would like to participate have them bring 21 small items to pass out like a Secret Santa.  The items could be a small piece of candy, cookie, pencil, sticker, or even a homemade item.  They will get to secretly put it in each child’s bag and it will be revealed on the day of the party.  This is a way for the kids to be a part of giving this Christmas.  Books have already been brought, so in order to play that exchange game each child would need to still bring a book as well.  I would put a limit of $5 on the book if adding the Penny Christmas gift.  Please have these items brought to school by this next week.  Thank you for helping these children have a great Christmas party.

Brandi Barlow

One thought on “Christmas Party Gift Addition

  1. The book needs to be appropriate for a boy or a girl. I would put a limit of $5 or less on the book and add the Penny Christmas gift. I will send another note Monday, but knew people may be out and about this weekend. Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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