We   earn    tickets    for   being   a   camps.   p.e.   on   Monday   and    Friday.
by Layla

We have P.E. on Monday and Friday.

We have Ready Bodies on Wednesday

Please remember to wear tennis shoes on these days.

First Day of School!

Wow!  Today was a wonderful day!

I love my class!

Each and every student behaved like a true CHAMP!

We read a book called First Day Jitters.  We discussed all the feelings we had about our first day.

We also discussed teamwork!  We made a Tasty Teamwork snack that helped us remember how to be a good team!

We learned what CHAMPS stood for and practiced the expectations of many of the activities we will have during our school day!

The students also came up with some great strategies to solve a story problem today!

I took first day pictures and hope to have them posted on our class blog by tomorrow!

There are four notes in their folder today and please initial their planner each night!  We will bring home a book and reading log very soon!

I can’t wait for another great day tomorrow!