24 thoughts on “What’s Happening In Mrs. Barlow’s Class?

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. This is going to be a great year for all your students. I am Connor Ellis’ grandmother.
    Go necks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We are so proud of Mrs. Barlow’s class! We know you guys will have a great year. We are so excited to read your blogs. Keep up the good work!

    Adam and Heidi Harper – Emma’s parents

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for taking the time to blog, I am going to enjoy keeping up with your daily activities. Skyla’s Gamma 🙂

  4. Nonnie told us about your blog so we thought we would come check it out. I’m sure that it will be very helpful to me this year. I hope we have a great year! Madison has a blog as well, but I’ll have to find out her web page name. We need to do a little work on it…it’s a work in progress. It was nice meeting you last night!

  5. I love your new look to your class blog. I believe Madison’s blog has the same background. Keep the post coming…love them!!

  6. For earth day we went around the block and picked
    up trash,then we planted some apple seeds.One apple seed already had a sprout!

  7. Mrs.Barlow Guess what. I played on my new computer with Kelsi today! We even got to have lunch together at a Chinese restaurant and we even made our own food. It was fun. Ameri Shaye

    • It sounds like you had a great day! I would love for you to write a story about your great day with Kelsi! I bet she is fun to play with.

  8. Mrs. Barlow guess what? I got a new puppy! His name is Cooter. He is a baby Shi’tzu. He’s rily hairy I give himlots of water. he is the best dog in the world. see you tomooro.

    • Oh, Ameri-Shaye that is exciting news! That is a very cute name, too! I am glad you take such good care of him. He is lucky to have you! I am so glad I will see you tomorrow. I hope you are feeling much better!

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