Summer Learning Fun! Make learning fun!

During the summer you will want to keep your kids enjoying the love of reading, writing, and math!

The site is the free math program I signed them up for and a letter was sent home with their password.  It is a competitive game that grows with them!  They will be challenged to learn their math facts.  I also encourage story problems for continued growth in problem solving!  They can create stories themselves and draw a picture or you could tell them a math story and have them paint, draw, or color a picture to explain the math story problem and write a number sentence.






I would also encourage you to look at this site.  It is free and parents can sign the students up.  It is a motivating site that kids can read books offline from the library and then go answer questions.  They earn points and prizes.

The site will also continue to be on my class blog through the summer for the kids to write and post comments to each other about summer fun.  It is monitored.  I will look at it once a week and approve posts and comments.  This is a great way to keep them writing and sharing.

Please feel free to email me with any questions.  I will do what I can to help you!  I hope you all have a wonderful summer break and are ready for your 2nd graders.

I have enjoyed each of them!  Thanks again for your support!  Have a wonderful time with your kids this summer!

WOW! This year has flown by fast!

We only have two half days left after today!  We will be signing beach balls for summer fun!  We will be bringing things home today and tomorrow. Report cards will be sent home on Friday with important papers for the summer and next year!   Please make sure they bring a backpack.

I have to tell you it has been a fabulous year!  Thanks for sharing your child with me and letting me teach them and them teach me!  I love each and everyone of them!

What did you learn today?

Ethan liked playing the game he created today with patterns.

Charity enjoyed creating a repeating pattern.

Kaleb liked making his own math game board.

Kash liked reading  and editing sentences.

Larkin enjoyed reading the Black Lagoon series.

Davis liked writing adjectives, nouns, and verbs about his friends and reading research books.

Liliana liked the station about writing about her friends.

Aniyah liked telling good things about her friends.

Trinity liked planning for our F is for First Grade Alphabet book.

Fiona liked the Black Lagoon book.

Hunter liked seeing the longhorn book from Mrs. Sharp.

Will liked the word game in literacy stations.

Jessica enjoys revising and editing sentences.

Calee likes the Black Lagoon books because  they are funny.

Blake likes the Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon.  His favorite part was when the gym teacher made them walk all around the world.

Masen liked making his game board of patterns.

Ava learned about addition.

Bryce liked reading today.

Alyssa made her own game board and played a game.

Katie liked the dinosaur book that the kids wrote together as a class.

Caleb enjoyed the Summer book written by another 1st grade class.

I will have the Xtra Math page ready to pass out tomorrow.  It will really give them something to work on during the summer.  It is a great tool to help with computation.

Ladybug Student Blogs

Our Ladybug Student blog is located at the bottom of the classroom blog on the right.  I have changed the setting to allow you to view your child’s posts.  You may comment back to them about what they have written.  It will be monitored and a post and/or comment cannot be seen until I approve it first.  This may be a fun way to have the kids  keep writing and reading over the summer.  It could be a great way to keep up with friends over our break.  I will be teaching 2nd grade next year, but will keep this kidblog open for my past students to be a part of throughout the summer.  I hope you enjoy.  They are really enjoying getting to blog about many things.